October 2, 2016


When asked to write for this October issue of the Valley Voice I thought to myself how am I possibly going to be able to crowbar in another to-do on my seemingly endless and continually growing to-do list, yet out loud and without hesitation I replied, this is perfect timing! Yes!

I am the owner of Hudson’s On First and a seemingly ok plate spinner and this is the way my brain works!


Hudson’s On First is nearing its fourth anniversary. Four years of excitement and, of course, some drama - just like the weather in each of its seasons and the endless feeding of the required energy in order to survive. As we move from the high-energy summer growing season and we gently transition to the fall, I pause to reflect on the growth in my life and in my business. I have learned that it is OK to show emotion, be vulnerable and to ask for doing so the support came flowing in from family, staff and community. I love living in the Cowichan Valley! This nourishment gave me renewed strength to accelerate and refocus on understanding myself and staying on track with my goals, dreams and purpose. 


While most folks were enjoying the long days of summer, I spent most of it on the computer building a platform for building our new website and the rebranding of HUDSON’S ON FIRST, with the primary purpose of ease of sharing and showcasing the exciting upcoming events such as the Guest Chef cooking classes, monthly ladies night and catering. 


Like the finely woven silk of a spider’s web glistening in the autumn light or the gentle fall of the crisp sun-baked leaves, our change has been graceful and elegant and continues to coincide with the branding and vision I have had for Hudson’s on First and the experiences I wish to continue to share with excitement and consistency to those that love us and those yet to know us. For this I am grateful.


Yes, it is a cliché, change is inevitable; in life, in business and just like the seasons, it is the acceptance and the way we embrace the changes that allows us to successfully adapt with anticipation and eternal hope for each day and a better brighter future. Cheers to the refreshing changes a new season brings!


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