Independence Day


Aloha & Happy Canada Day! 


Originally I was waiting on making this announcement while the terms of my marriage’s separation were in process, but I think today is fitting to announce my INDEPENDENCE from an increasingly uncomfortable situation. Plus, we live in a small town, so I’d rather my story was told accurately rather than through the coconut wireless, as they say in Hawaii ;P


The story is simple, I’m afraid, and not even very original:


Once Upon a Time… A Girl leaves home after school to travel. Girl meets Boy. Girl and Boy fall in love. Girl brings boy home. They have mutual life goals, and they get           married. They start a business, have a child, and begin a life of juggle together. Until… Eighteen months ago, when the Girl learned that her Boy, Husband, Father of her child, and business partner is leaving her, their daughter and their business because he needs to follow his heart elsewhere.


Understandably the knowledge of, what turned out to be - an eighteen month betrayal, broke my heart, and the vision I had for our future. After a three month leave of absence, Dan returned to Hudson’s on First, but as an employee, relinquishing his partnership of all assets. 


Having been given full ownership of our restaurant and property, I have done my best over this past year and a half to get up every day for the sake of our daughter, my family, and my business, and put a smile on my face until I was emotionally strong enough to separate personally, professionally and legally. 


Today July 1st 2016, marks the end of an incredibly awkward working relationship with my ex-business partner and soon to be ex-husband, having just filed our separation agreement, heading towards divorce.


This also means, that officially, as of today Dan Hudson is no longer employed at Hudson’s on First, but have no fear, our team who has stood behind me all along, is as strong as ever! 


Our highly skilled Sous Chef Perry (who has been at Dan’s side for over three years, practically since we opened), and Mark, are masterfully holding down the fort, as always before, during and after Dan’s departure. Until we find the perfect new addition to the team, the boys in the kitchen will continue to consistently offer our high standards of quality, in the most creative ways possible, with the freshest of seasonal ingredients, as always.


So it’s business as usual folks, we’ll even be offering Guest Chef Cooking Classes on the last Tuesday of each month!


That all said, Hudson’s on First will not only be eventually adding a new face to the team, it will be adding a new face to it’s Branding! Beginning with the launch of our new Website coming later this month, complete with new menus, an events calendar, links to our purveyors, local recommendations, and even an online reservation system! Yes, we ARE moving forward in every way! So stay tuned for that post on our Hudson's on First Facebook Page, AND a ‘Save the Date' announcement for a re-branding party to follow!!


It can not go without saying that the success of Hudson’s on First, has been in part due to the reputation and skill of Chef Dan Hudson. His creative and imaginative flare in the kitchen will for certain be appreciated where ever he goes. I will be forever grateful for all the lessons I have learned in business and in life from our partnership, and I feel especially blessed by the daughter we are, and will be forever, raising together.


In closing, I’d like to thank those of you who have been supportive in every way during the last year and a half. And to those who are just learning of this situation, I’d like to thank-you for your kindness, consideration and generosity of spirit - in advance, when we bump into each other around town. I've lived a public life since we’ve moved onto First Street, and I have nothing but love and gratitude for my Community, and know that we’re all human beings who watch, witness and feel for each other’s success & failures. 


Here’s to all the individuals who demonstrate strength and something even harder - consistency during adversity, I now have a new understanding to what it takes to take ‘One Day at a Time.’


Here’s to an Independence Day not to be forgotten! Mahalo & Aloha,


Andrea Flemming Xo




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