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At Hudson's On First - we keep it simple by serving the freshest wholesome ingredients in the most interesting ways and sourcing organic and locally whenever possible. We are proud to offer made from scratch cooking and our team continues to be inspired by the quality and bounty of our purveyors. Thank you for all the hard work and passion behind all of your products. Together we are growing Cowichan.

Julia Rylands: Muddy Feet Farm

Cowichan Valley, BC


A chance encounter and an introduction through a mutual friend led us to Julia and her exceptional, happy pigs.  The small number of Berkshire/Tamworth cross pigs that she breeds and raises each year are free to roam on eight wooded acres, rooting, foraging, and engaging in behaviours that come quite naturally to a pig, but which we rarely associate with commercial pork production.  


Their natural diet is supplemented with whey and extra cheese from Haltwhistle Cheese, spent grain from Ampersand Distilling, and vegetables from the Cowichan Green Community’s food recovery program.  The result is not just more sustainable and humanely raised pork; it’s also the most delicious pork any of us has ever tasted.  


Only eight of these beautiful animals go to market each year in the spring.  Hudson’s gets one of them, which makes its way into our charcuterie, and very briefly, onto our dining room menu.  To eat Julia’s pork is a celebration of terroir, of sustainability, and of the uncompromising integrity that makes small artisan producers such as herself so special.

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Art and Design

Equally as important in the making of a memorable dining experience for you at Hudson's On First is our enviroment. We are blessed with an incredible spectrum of artisitic talent in the Cowichan Valley and neighboring communities. It is all in the details and we are so proud to share a sampling of the incredible artists and their mediums  with you when you join us at Hudson's On FIrst.

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